Organic Super Green Smoothie

Organic Super Green Smoothie

We just added a awesome smoothie to our menu, kind of inspired by the movie documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It features all Raw Organic Vegetables and Alkaline water from our neighbor OB Water and Ice. The Organic Juice smoothie consists of the following:

  1. Organic Kale
  2. Organic Spinach
  3. Organic Carrots
  4. Organic Romaine
  5. Organic Granny Apple
  6. Organic Parsley
  7. Organic Swiss Chard
  8. Optional Organic Ginger if you like, just let us know

It comes in a 24 Ounce size for $8.00

This drink really energizes you and also supplies your body with all the raw food enzymes and the vital micro nutrients that most of us do not receive.

This Smoothie is also great for making the body more Alkaline. Studies have shown that a body that is more acidic than alkaline has the potential to breed more illness such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders and even cancer.

Another way to help keep your body alkaline in addition to the Organic Green Smoothie is to drink a high quality alkaline water. The best place to purchase this type of water is at the OB Water Store. They have some of the best alkaline water in San Diego. If you have never heard of alkaline water they have some good information on their website, you can read it HERE.

Our Organic Super Green Smoothie was inspired by the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, if you have not seen this movie it is highly recommended you check it out. It is very informative and inspiring and well worth the watch.

Besides alkalizing the body the Super Green smoothie energizes you, supplying a quick pick me up without any jittery feelings. If you want a lot of energy without caffeine then this is the smoothie for you. We make these smoothies fresh so they are not sitting around losing any potency. So stop on by and give our Organic Super Green Smoothie a try.

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Check out our new sign, courtesy of Kyle McDonald from the band Slightly Stoopid. Thanks Kyle, looks GREAT!

Welcome to Sunshine Smoothie, we are told we make one of the finest Acai Bowls in San Diego, customers come from all over to purchase an Acai Bowl, stop by and give one a try.

We also make 21 of the best Real Fruit Smoothies in SanDiego, with no high sugar additives or milk products like the big corporate smoothie shops. This makes the smoothies Gluten and Dairy free and extremely healthy.

If your in the mood for some excellent Organic Coffee or Espresso, we can make you a delicious latte or cafe mocha. We carry coffee from Cafe Moto a local San Diego coffee roaster, with the reputation for having the highest quality beans and a extensive selection.
For the best Acai bowl in San Diego, visit us at:
5020 W Point Loma Blvd San Diego, CA 92107 we are at the corner of Bacon and W Point Loma blvd, Phone 619-222-2503

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When you stop in, ask to join our free customer appreciation club, where your purchases equal free smoothies or acai bowls. So when your in Ocean Beach, drop on in.

Keep stopping by as we update our site.

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