Cool Liniment for Bruises, Great For Martial Artists, Surfers, Skateboarders Etc.

Dit Da Jow The Mysterious Liniment

Most people have never heard of Dit Da Jow or can even pronounce it. But it has been around for over a thousand years in China. It is, a blend of herbs also referred to as The Dit Da Jow recipe, these herbs are combined together and soaked in alcohol preferably Vodka believe it or not, for months or even years.
This liniment is applied to any injured or bruised area and it somehow heals the area and makes the bruise disappear quickly. This was discovered by the Shaolin Monk herbalists to help heal injuries sustained in training or combat. You can order Dit Da Jow online already made, but it is best to order in kit form and make it you, we offer a kit at for $39.99 that makes one gallon. If you do buy Dit Da Jow already made, make sure it is packaged in a glass container. Authentic Dit Da Jow packaged in a plastic bottle is no good since it will leach out the plastic chemicals from the bottle and make the Dit Da Jow worthless, and possibly hazardous.

The theory behind Dit Da Jow and it’s amazing healing powers is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). When someone sustains a injury, the Qi is blocked and blood can not travel properly through the injured area, hence pain and what they call blood stagnation. Dit Da Jow opens up the flow of blood and Qi to promote healing, plus some of the herbs in the formula take away pain and discomfort. I have seen it take bruises away in less than a day, just amazing stuff. This also great for people who bruise easy, besides healing the bruise it strengthens the underlying blood vessels so you don’t bruise as easily next time. If you train in any contact sport or just bruise all the time this for you.

The best way to use Dit Da Jow if you are training in the martial arts is to apply some to the areas of the body that are going to make contact, lets say if your punching a bag or makawara apply some to your hands prior to training like 20 to 30 minutes, then apply some more right after training, just enough to fill your palm should be sufficient. If you are kicking a bag then of course your shins would need more.

For the everyday person who bruises easily apply twice a day morning and night on the areas you need. I have found it is best to apply and let air dry instead wiping it with a cloth, this will allow for more of the Dit Da Jow to penetrate the skin and help the healing process.

Another trick to making a very powerful Dit Da Jow is to store your glass jar in a dark cool place out of sunlight, the suns rays will weaken the liniment significantly, so in a cabinet or pantry or closet is the perfect place. It is also important to shake the jar several times a week so the herbs don’t stay settled at the bottom. Hundreds of years back a clay pot was used and it was buried in the ground foe months before it was unearthed and used.

Below is a picture of the Dit Da Jow Kit, the herbs are very powerful and aromatic so they must be used quickly, we make the kits fresh for every order, they are not prepackaged.
Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit

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Blood Stagnation

One of the main reasons to use Dit Da Jow is to eliminate blood stagnation which is not only caused from a injury but also other syndromes.Herbs that promote the Blood circulation are used for treating syndromes of Blood stagnation. There are different degrees of Blood stagnation. In a mild case, the Blood moves more slowly than it should. If the situation does not change, the Blood stagnates and Dit Da Jow is used to clear it.

In a severe case, congealed Blood may be complicated with Phlegm, Heat or Cold, and forms a solid mass that blocks the Blood circulation. Blood stagnation is caused by several factors.
First, both Heat and Cold can lead to Blood stagnation. Heat consumes the Blood and makes it thicker so that the movement of the Blood slows; Cold contracts Blood and lets the Blood circulation slow down. Secondly, Qi stagnation caused by emotional disturbance, stress, anger, excessive pondering or depression over a long period of time can directly result in Blood stagnation.

Thirdly, trauma or fracture may directly cause Blood stagnation in the locality. Moreover, Wind, Dampness and Cold that remain for too long in the meridians can also cause Blood stagnation. Accumulation of Phlegm, water, food or parasites in the body for a long period of time may also lead to Blood stagnation.
Finally, if the Qi and Blood are deficient, they are not able to promote the Blood circulation so they will also lead to Blood stagnation.

The main symptoms of Blood stagnation are localized pain of a deep, colicky or sharp nature that worsens at night. In severe cases, a solid, immobile mass can be found. Patients who suffer from stagnation of Blood for a long time may have symptoms such as a dark complexion, purple lips and nails, dry skin, amenorrhea, psychiatric disorders, fragile nails and hair. The tongue body is purple with purple spots at the tip or border, and the pulse is wiry and choppy.

In clinical practice, the syndrome of stagnation of Blood can be found in diseases such as myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, acute cholecystitis, biliary ascariasis, acute pancreatitis, acute appendicitis or intestinal obstruction, trauma, strain, sequelae of cerebro-vascular accident, rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as different tumors.

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