We offer 2oz shots of fresh squeezed Organic Wheatgrass. One of the most popular features of Wheatgrass is it is able to lower the acidic levels in your body, making your body more alkaline which is very important.
Wheatgrass is loaded with chlorophyll, all your amino acids,vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
It is best to be taken on a empty stomach for maximum absorption, and also not to follow the Wheatgrass with a wedge of orange, this negates the PH balancing powers of the Wheatgrass.

Cereal grasses (such as barley, wheat, kamut, rye and oat grass), alfalfa, aquatic algae (spirulina and chlorella), sea vegetables (kelp and other seaweeds), green herbs (alfalfa, parsley and chickweed) and other foods rich in chlorophyll are important in herbal detoxification programs. Much has been made of chlorophyll’s similarity to hemoglobin, for both are blood: chlorophyll is the green lifeblood of plants, hemoglobin the red lifeblood of animals, and their molecular structure is almost identical. The hemoglobin molecule has iron at its center, while the chlorophyll molecule is built around magnesium, but in every other way, these two complex molecules match exactly. No doubt because of this affinity, chlorophyll is easily absorbed by the human body, where its healing properties can be dramatic.

Because chlorophyll helps to neutralize and remove toxins, green foods are important ingredients in herbal cleansing programs. The freshly pressed juice of wheat grass, barley grass and other cereal grains is available in many health food stores and can be prepared at home for daily consumption. Dehydrated cereal grass juices, chlorella, spirulina and other green foods are widely sold as food supplements. In addition to their detoxification properties, green foods help heal digestive disorders, combat fatigue and low energy levels, boost immunity and prevent deficiency diseases such as anemia.

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